Share with me your thoughts on the WA hard border

Share with me your thoughts on the WA hard border  Main Image

Talking to residents recently has made one thing clear – Western Australians are firmly behind the Mark McGowan Labor Government’s approach to our border.

I have been clear in my support of the Government’s decision to close our borders. And I will continue to support our hard border closure for as long as it is deemed lawful and necessary.

I know that it has caused lots of disruption to many lives. To those people I thank them for their patience and understanding during this crisis.

But that hard decision we made at the start of the pandemic has restricted the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

It has meant that families can enjoy time outside of their homes, and in our shops, cafes, restaurants and parks.

As always, your feedback matters – so let me know below what you think of our Government’s response to COVID-19, and whether you support our position on the hard border.